The VSS team have been involved in a number of major projects and created the necessary processes and systems to enable those projects to be delivered successfully on time and to budget.

Businesses face a number of challenges during their ever changing lives. These can include:-

  • Growing pains as management struggles to control the business.
  • Shrinking pains as management try to adjust the costs of the business so that it remains profitable.
  • Acquiring other businesses and rolling them into the existing structure.
  • Breaking businesses up into smaller entities to meet market demands or to retain the core business strengths be it to different branches, or different specialities or divisions.
  • Controlling inventory to achieve a good stock turn and reduce redundant stock.
  • Controlling multiple warehouses or van or car stocks.
  • Obtaining the key information to run the business efficiently.
  • Ensuring the business is responsive to customer demands and that the key people who are customer facing or acquiring get the data and facilities that they need to do a good job and that the data is secure and well-targeted.
  • Changing the way the business model works, for example introducing telesales or integrated WEB ordering.

These are just some examples and I am sure you the reader will think of many more.

The fact is the VALE Support Services team have vast experience in handling all of the above for various clients and often without requiring them to abandon their current proven systems so if you have a challenge and you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel contact VSS for solutions.