Why should a system that has been employed to run the key operational areas of a business need to be thrown out even though it fits the business well?

It is not entirely clear what the key logic of this is. Is it because new brooms feel that they need to sweep clean? Is it because it does not look sexy? Is it because extra facilities are required that it does not appear to be able to meet? Is it because obtaining business intelligence seems difficult? Is it because there is a concern about it progressing or there being people who can support it?

All of these could be valid reasons though the first one, particularly when facing the ambitious executive type who moves company every couple of years often results in disasters that others have to pick up and resolve when he or she has already left for the next career step.

The VALE Support Services team realised long ago that many systems were being replaced for the sake of change, almost like changing fashions. These replacements were often unsuccessful and the final fit to the business was poor.

Therefore their approach is to integrate to the proven systems to provide those items that were felt to be missing, be it sexy front ends for the users, the export of data to data mining tools like Cognos or even powerful Excel.

Not only can the team take on such a development path but also undertake the support of the original system if that is desired.

Most importantly the first priority is to make the system continuity safe by ensuring that support, documentation and training is always available as required.

If you are at a cross roads where you need to consider do we stay with our proven system or do we change for a neutral viewpoint contact VSS who will make a proper assessment for you.