Time for a System Review

The challenges created by the Pandemic in relation to office working will be impacting the industry especially when it comes to signing upgrades.

This could be a reason to review the company’s operational systems, as opposed to the financial systems.

If your systems are really joined up then customer defence should not be an issue but in so many instances this is not the case.

VALE software has served the industry successfully because it is so well integrated starting right at the sales end via SALESLink which looks at the details of customer contracts, deals and performance in a way that general sales systems rarely do.

Of course VALE software handles all the day to day operational aspects of billing, service call processing, multiple location and serial numbered stock etc.

VALE software also links to many different financial systems so control in that area is not disturbed.

Another reason to review your systems is that you are probably paying far more per user than you would be with VALE.

Defending the Customer Base or Growing It

The VALE system can be set to warn of areas of danger in respect to customer base defence.

Not only can it do that on an automated basis but it can be set to be discerning as to whom the alerts are sent.

Alerts can be based on timing, for example so much time since a deal was signed.

They can be based on changes in usage or office location plus many other things.

VALE also enables the effective and useful recording of competitor sites and can provide alerts concerning these. This can enable things like gathering up and reviewing of competitor sites when a dealer has been acquired for example.

As far as being discerning a low level warning may go automatically to the salesperson responsible for the site.

However if the business is worth significantly more to the defending company then a warning may go to the sales manager also, and/or a director and so on.

Warnings can form parts of task lists with escalation rules to higher management levels.

Do your current systems do that adequately?


This powerful sub-system integrates in a very secure way to the company’s operational systems. A salesperson may only see their customers and prospects and the database cannot be copied to applications like Excel from SALESLink.

Amongst the information available to the salesperson, and, of course their managers are:-

  • The customer, prospect and suspect business details.
  • The key contacts within the businesses, decision makers, directors etc.
  • The products leased or sold including finance information, leases etc
  • The key metrics around those products, numbers of users, usage, accessories or peripherals attached and software related.
  • Service histories and outstanding service calls.
  • Products in place supplied by competitors.
  • Contact histories and contacts scheduled to be made.
  • Orders of supplies and consumables.

To see examples of this data please click on this link.

VALE Software Running the Business

VALE software covers all the key operational areas of a sales and service business.

It is very well proven and it adopts the most efficient technology for each area and does not make the mistake of assuming that one technology is best for every area.

This operational software will integrate to most open financial software so those running that area of the business can be confident that they can continue to employ the financial software with which they are comfortable.

The software is implemented by a tight team of experts who devote themselves to doing just that so there is none of the off-hand treatment that one can expect from the larger providers.

To understand the scope of the VALE software please view this page.